Psychotherapy with Adolescents

Today's teens face challenges their parents never imagined.  With the help of modern technology, many adolescents are more connected to the world of information and experience the emotional stimulations of growing up at what seems to be an astonishing pace.  At times however, a teen may not be coping well emotionally with the changes around him or her.  Through changes in their home, school, inner life, and outer world, many kids don't have the tools to fully cope with what's happening or articulate their pain. 

     I have experience working therapeutically with adolescents diagnosed with depression, anxiety, & attachment disorders.  Yet a teenager is more than a diagnosis. 

    The heart of my work with your teen is to first and foremost get to know them as an individual, through actively listening to what they are willing to share.  Through talk therapy, expressive arts therapy, psychodrama, and occasional collateral sessions with family members, I have had the honor of witnessing teens grow emotionally and become true to themselves.