Psychotherapy with Adults
Challenges in our lives repeatedly ask us to exercise and refine our abilities.  These challenges emphasize the importance of your choices and actions, particularly in those periods of your life when you may see only limited or distressing options.  I will do my best to understand and honor your distress.  I may also suggest things that you might do.  Therapeutic exercises may include talking about your feelings, your problems, your experience of yourself, and your situation.  I may ask you to keep personal notes about some of your experiences or to complete some self-report forms.  I will honor your needs for privacy, and will respect your decisions about what you choose to share with me.  I may ask you to experiment with new or different ways of thinking, acting, or feeling.  Your imagination, your honesty with yourself, and your commitment to your development will be important assets.  We will work together during your therapy sessions, and I will ask you to try some exercises at home or work.